On-Site Wine Making

At The Juiced Grape, we want to ensure your wine-making experience is the best it can be.  We will help you select a product that suits your taste, timeline and your budget and ensure that you will enjoy the final product to the last drop. We guarantee it!  

Our on-site wine making service takes the fuss and the muss out of making wine at home.    

Step 1: Choose your wine

We have a large selection of red, white and blush wines. Choose your favourite!  

Step 2: Add the yeast.

After you purchase your wine kit. Add the yeast. It only takes 20 seconds!  

Step 3:  Bottle your wine.

Come into our store and bottle your wine. We have a state-of-the art bottle washer,  an automatic quick filler and a pneumatic corker to make the process fast, easy and efficient.  

Step 4: Enjoy!

We can't help you here but we do have a 100% wine making satisfaction guarantee. If you are not  happy with your wine, bring back 27 bottles and we will replace it for free.  

We also offer equipment and supplies for making beer and wine at home. Click here to see our products!